– healthy and tasty –
stops bad breath and tartar


Dental- innovative:

Cheese neutralizes 80% of caries bacteria! –mechanical tooth cleaning is not necessary - stops bad breath + plaque

All inside:

all vitamines, minerals, healthy fatty acids supplements, essential amino acids

Each one got a favorite treat:

“Happy Maker” which supports the formation of serotonin and makes you happy

Only 5 Superfoods:

Cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain) or rice + canola oil, coconut oil and Glycerin Free of: cereals, sugar, lactose, gluten, additives

The Big Difference:

Stops bad breath and brushes teeth!

The cottage cheese reduces 80% of bacteria in the mouth, coating the teeth with a protective film so new bacteria cannot form. Our multitasking crunchy and chewy treats work away to keep teeth smooth, white and healthy, removing tartar and stains.




A dental treat for all!
Find the perfect treat for your dog, there’s something for all ages and sizes!

Puffed: Much more than just tooth cleaning. Light, gentle on the teeth and easy to chew, suitable for hunting dogs to seniors with missing teeth.

Hard: Perfect for chewing obsessed dogs! A long-lasting chew suitable for puppies too!

Sizzles: A quick and easy treat for every dog, small breeds to Great Danes, even sensitive dogs.

Snacks: Just one treat a day will help to keep teeth clean, perfect just before bed time to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Power Series with cottage cheese and buckwheat


Vital Series with cottage cheese and carob


Fitness Series with cheese and rice

with cheese and rice

3 recipes from superfoods - for dogs of all ages and all sizes

All essential amino acids with high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants


Much more than just tooth cleaning. Chewing, salvating and enjoying with this good feeling in your stomachs. From hunting dog up to senior – even with tooth gap all find it heavenly.
Puffed Hundezahnpflege

High Quality Raw Power

huettenkäse Hundezahnpflege

Cottage Cheese

buchweizen Hundezahnpflege


Reis Hundezahnpflege


johannesbrot Hundezahnpflege


kokosoel Hundezahnpflege

coconut oil

rapsoel Hundezahnpflege

rapesed oil


Only the highest quality, natural and healthy raw materials are used in our treats. We wouldn’t use anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.
Our team of biologists and nutritional experts work with only the best natural quality ingredients to produce the effective formula without any additives.

Multitasking Formula:

Käseknochen – gesund + lecker
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Low in fat

    Our treats are only 5kcal and our sticks contain only 40 kcal, perfect for dogs who need calories control.
  • Hundezahnpflege

    No allergens

    High quality, single protein source and no additives, suitable for sensitive tummies.
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Great for training

    Our treats are great for a special reward, helping to build serotonin.
  • Hundezahnpflege


    Daily protection to help remove and protect against plaque and tartar.
  • Hundezahnpflege


    Essential amino acids to help support your dog’s muscles.
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Full of supplements

    Our treats contain extra vitamins and minerals to support your dogs health.

QCHEFS - Specialist

Specialist treats:
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Raw diet treat

    Ideal replacement of raw bones, more health benefits and effective teeth protection
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Healthy treats

    Safe, healthy and nutritious ingredients
  • Hundezahnpflege

    All ages:

    Helps aid relief of teething puppies and soft for older dogs
  • Hundezahnpflege

    Odourless treats:

    Great for at home and travelling

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Dental Care for allergics!

Dental Care for allergics:

Allergen safe dental care

QChefs contain only one high quality protein source. Made with 5 superfoods with essential nutrients, free from cereal, lactose sugar and additives. You can now provide excellent dental care without effecting allergies.

Dental care for raw feeding!

Must you brush your dogs teeth? Not necessary – but only if all the teeth are used regularly–experts say. This is not always the case. Especially at the top of the fangs, Tartar and gingivitis can be formed.

Dental care for raw feeding

Feeding your dog a high meat content diet has excellent benefits but tartar and gingivitis can form close to the gums. QCHEFS can help provide appropriate dental care without compromising the diet.



Dental care for all breeds and needs

  • Hundezahnpflege

    Diabetic Dogs

    Very low effect to insulin levels

  • Perfect for Pugs

    Hard Cracker does not stick to the palate

  • Hundezahnpflege

    Dalmatian Diet

    All cheese and rice products contain low purine

  • Easy Chewing for Pekingese

    Place Sizzles between the molars for effective dental protection


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All the experts said: „it wont work, never!““

Anke Domaske, a young, blonde girl who knew nothing
about it. As her stepfather who was sick of cancer, she was looking for free materials.
The microbiologist researched for 5 years tirelessly, developed
3000 recipes and a spinning process for natural fibers
with the world’s smallest CO2 footprint.
These are like silk fibers, can be composted and
are made of renewable raw materials.
For this, she was awarded the NASA Award and GreenTec award among others.
During her research, she discovered the health-promoting
Properties of milk proteins and finds out that
Cheese is 80% of caries bacteria reduced.
So this is how the QCHEFS cheese bone and many other products, resulted
Which are good for people and the environment.